Friday, September 26, 2014

Fanarts and stuff

Hi there!

In this post, I want to do some advertising for my artworks. You can find some of them via the links up above.

At first, I would like to show you my latest fanart, a commission for a very good friend. It's a Pokémon fanart, with two of the Eveelutions - Espeon and Vaporeon. Since I wanted a challenge with this, I asked him to give me a color scheme to work with. The chosen colors aren't that unfamiliar with the two pokemon but it still was a challenge to work with the limited spectrum of colors. I'm very, very content with the result.

Most of my other works are on my deviantART profile, some on pixiv and some on Animexx. I might keep you updated on my works here but I recommend you check out those sites (and maybe leave a nice comment ;)). 

Here're some other of my works: 


You can find the full view version on my dA profile! ;)

Also, I write fanfiction. Some of them are also on my dA profile but I mostly post on my LiveJournal, AO3 or There you'll find One Piece and Pokémon fanfictions, shipping and non-ship stories. 

For the next posts, I am planning a tutorial on light/shadow and how to do cuttling. Also, I was asked to make a tutorial on how to color pictures in GIMP, so look forward to those upcoming posts. 
(Although the next post might be an art appreciation post on Art Deco/Art Nouveau, I can't only post tutorials, can I?)


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